The Best Exercises for Back Pain

The Best Exercises for Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition affecting many people. It can be a pain, tingle or numb feeling in your lower body. Mostly it’s caused by a plethora of factors including age, muscle strain and poor posture. Further, it can be either acute or chronic if it lasts more weeks.

Often, you can get treatment for back pain upon visiting your physician. Most doctors may recommend conventional medicine to relieve pain, therapy and exercises. The aim of these workouts is to boost the flexibility of the muscles that support the lower back and offer stability. In this discussion, we explore the best exercises for back pain. Read on.


Because your spine is intended to move, any limitation, of any kind, will cause the discomfort to become much worse. You may reduce the discomfort and improve your range of motion by engaging in simple stretching routines. You need to go at a gradual pace in order to prevent overstretching your body to the point where you experience even more discomfort.

Well Bending

As an easy kind of exercise, bending involves lying on your back and bringing your knees up to your chest while maintaining a straight spine. The next step is to bring your head forward until you feel as if you’ve been stretched. Then you must remain perfectly motionless for at least a minute.

Knee to Chest Workouts

Begin the exercise by laying on your back with both legs resting on the ground and bending at the knees. After that, position your hands so that they are behind one of your knees, and then draw that knee into your chest. After then, you will need to remain stationary for at least a minute before moving on to the other leg. Repeat the exercise anywhere from five to ten times for each of your legs.


Swimming is one of the exercises that is highly recommended to reduce the discomfort that is caused by back problems. Because the water holds the body, this exercise does not impose any strain on your back or spine. You should get the appropriate guidance before beginning to swim since certain arm movements might put strain on your back, which can worsen the discomfort.

Core Muscles Strengthening

To alleviate discomfort in your back and improve your balance and stability, you should focus on strengthening the muscles in your core, particularly those located around the abdominals, pelvis, back, and trunk.

To do this exercise correctly, you should first lay on your back and then prop your head up with a cushion. After that, make sure your knees are bent and that your feet are spread out on the ground. First, relax your upper body, and then bring your chin in while contracting your lower abdominal and pelvic muscles.

It is important not to tense the muscles to the point of discomfort since this might make the pain much worse. Stay as motionless as possible for five to ten minutes, and then relax. Finish up by doing this exercise five more times.

If Back Pain Fails To Go Away

If back pain fails to go away even with workout exercises, it’s important to contact a doctor for treatment. Research shows that some underlying conditions may contribute to back pain. For instance, men with low testosterone levels have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. In this case, doctors may administer drugs to treat the condition. For instance, testosterone enanthate is used as a treatment for low testosterone which effectively reduces back pain.


As you can see, back pain exercises are not complicated and you can do them without the guidance of an instructor. However, for extreme back pain or if you have an underlying condition, contact your doctor for comprehensive tests.

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